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Dear Jon,

You are AMAZING and an incredible person with a big heart and the kind of love that the Americas (USA and CANADA) need!!

I bought your Fit Over 40 book in February 2006 around the 14th (my 81st birthday) and was really excited about all the info you were offering. Then came your “Scale the World”…!!! My immediate internal response at first was: at 81 years old? Then immediately WHY NOT? So I entered SCALE THE WORLD! It was fabulous and I was getting a great deal of info and support!

THEN, on February 21 I wakened with an extremely high temperature, was taken to hospital via ambulance and after 1 complete day in emergency, and a CT Scan, it was determined there was a kidney stone, too large to pass and it had caused a bad infection in the kidney and in the bladder and the whole tract. After 7 days on IV antibiotics (3 different ones) the temperature finally lowered to normal and I was able to come home with oral antibiotics and still with my “friendly” kidney stone. I wait until May 16 to go back to hospital for Lithotripsy to have it “blasted”.

I tell you all this Jon because I’ve just read your e-mail which arrived this morning. I am so interested for more info about what you are planning in response to Steve’s ‘Walk Across USA’. You mentioned Canada and I’m interested if you plan to come into Canada, if so, at what entry point (I live in a Toronto Ontario suburb), dates, and anything you can share with me at this time. Hopefully the kidney stone will be long gone by then and I would be interested in trying to join you with your planned endeavor.

Would you please forward all the info you can to me so I can begin to plan. At 81 yrs., I’m still in pretty good condition (without the kidney stone) and it’s the walking and selective nutrition (I’m a Type 2 diabetic, genetic) that I normally do that has kept me that way.

Thank you so much Jon for all that you do and have made available to me and so many others!! You are ONE OF A KIND..!!!!!

God bless you!!

Mary Davern; Toronto, Canada

Hi Jon:
A dentist from England said he was scheduling a consultation because of what he read in your e-book. Your book apparently reminded him of what he’d read in my books, and decided to go forward with consultation. So I thought I better read it myself and see what you said about me.

I didn’t read it word for word, but enough to see that you’re a pretty damn good writer and that you said some very nice things about me. Thanks.

Congratulations on turning a fitness book into a page turner by telling a fascinating story about your ups and downs!

Clarence Bass, 65, Best-selling Fitness Author of “Ripped”

When I wrote my essay for Fit Over 40, I did it as an exercise in personal growth. I allowed one of my coworkers to read it and she was very touched. Being overweight and trying one thing after another she was surprised to know that someone as seemingly fit as I struggled with the same self-love issues as she did. When I was notified of my selection for your book I was very surprised. I had figured the Universe had just wanted me to help my friend by letting her read the essay. I was even more stunned when I read about the other role models in the book. I have made many great strides in not feeling small in the midst of other great people, yet I must admit that when first viewing the e-book I just couldn’t see what I had to offer. After reading “I Can See The Valley”, your final chapter, I recognized even more than ever that at we all are connected. Our coming together is no accident. I honor you for hanging in and being courageous enough to share your experience.

Deb Christensen, Fit Over 40 Role Model

Thanks Jon—this book answers my questions (65+yr old) and gives me tremendous incentive to continue training!

Nat Johnson; Felton, CA

Hi Jon!
Tom sent me a copy the moment it was available and I skimmed the entire book and was extremely impressed. Your book should help inspire millions to put forth the extra effort to get and stay in shape for a lifetime.

Jay Robb; Fitness Author/Nutritionist; San Diego

This is the best book to date that I have had the pleasure to read. I can’t wait to read the next page and and highlight all the information I can. I have never written to anyone before for the work they have shared with me and that includes Phil Kaplan. Thank you very much for this information that I thought was right, but now I know is.

Mike Pean; Location Withheld

WOW! I have already read most of Chapter 1, perused the entire book, and am sooooo excited to read more of it!!! I loved it so much my wife and I decided to buy 3 more copies and present them to our parents as a gift to better health! *WE* are determined to *NOT* be sick and out of shape once we hit 40 (we’re not 40 and won’t be for a while)—nor for many years after! Thank you so much for providing the inspiration!!!

Brandon G.; San Diego, CA

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