Buzzing Ear


Buzzing ear is basically a type of tinnitus. Although tinnitus is described as a condition it is really a symptom of a condition that doctors still do not physically understand. Let's take a closer look and see if we can find a way to cure it.


A buzzing ear is one way to describe it. Other people have described it as:

- whining
- whistling
- ringing

In the vast majority of cases it is a high pitched noise of some sort but some people hear a low pitched one instead. Also, it appears to block out other sounds to some degree.

The perception of the sound in terms of location can also differ. Many people say it originates inside the head. Others say that it is coming from outside the head.

In most cases there is only one apparent tone but some people say that they can hear several tones.

What Is Happening?

Doctors still don't fully understand this condition but they do know that one of the requirements is for damage to the ear caused from excessive exposure to loud volume sound. Then there is some unknown biochemistry that causes your neurological system to effectively "create" its own sound - the result is your tinnitus symptoms.


Although hearing damage is a necessity, this alone will not normally give you tinnitus. You normally need at least one other co-factor, most of which are related to lifestyle.

For example, you may actually be eating a particularly aggravating combination of foods that, were you not to eat them, you would not experience any tinnitus at all. Usually, only very small changes need to be made to have a vast improvement in and even eradication of your tinnitus.

There are no drugs for tinnitus. But there is a natural way to cure your tinnitus. Discover the proven 8-step success plan for curing your tinnitus here: End Your Tinnitus.




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