Windows is storing hidden records of
everything you are doing on the Internet.
Erase those records now!

EasySystemCleaner is an Internet history eraser that protects your
privacy by cleaning up all tracks of your Internet and computer activity.


Windows and other software programs store history about the different activities that you have performed on your computer and on the Internet. All sites that you visit are stored for later use, including temporary files from these websites.

Even deleting these files doesn't protect you, as deleted files can easily be recovered with the right software. Children, Loved ones, and law enforcement can easily retrieve discarded files, or stumble upon sensitive information located on your computer's hard drive.

Download Easy SystemCleaner
now to see what's being revealed about you!
It's a free scan!

Did you know...

 AutoComplete is a feature that stores a list of everything you type  in web pages (for example your name, e-mail address, credit card  information, passwords, keywords you enter in search engines,  etc).

 Anyone who has access to your computer can see what web sites  you visited and what information you entered on web pages. Also  various malicous software can use AutoComplete data to steal  your personal information such as your name, e-mail address,  credit card information and/or retrieve web sites passwords  stored as autocomplete data.

 Easy SystemCleaner will clean your AutoComplete histroy.


With one simple click Easy SystemCleaner can:
  Securely Delete File(s) or Folder(s) New
  Clean Page File
  Erase Internet History Files
  Clear Cookies
  Wipe Temporary Internet Files
  Clear your Browser History
  Delete Recently played Movies in Windows Media Player
  Eliminate files stored in temporary locations
  Delete Address Bar History
  Get rid of ScanDisk or CheckDisk File Fragments
  Saved Passwords in Internet Explorer & FireFox
  Clear Auto Complete Data Forms
Erase your Chat History on both MSN Messenger & Yahoo
Run Easy SystemCleaner from Recycle Bin Context Menu
  Uninstall Application from your system completely
Clean Your Computer at Specified Intervals With Scheduler New
  More features
Download Easy SystemCleaner

"I'm very impressed! Fast response and excellent service.
You don't see a lot of this nowadays!
It worked like a charm! Thanks again "
-Erica Reese, AZ

"Your software have recovered more than 2 gigs of free space and got rid of all the junk in my computer. Thank you! "

-Patrick Feinberg, UK

  • Easy to use: Just press a button and the program runs with a no mercy attitude, completely removing traces of PC and Internet activity
  • Browser Compatibility: Supports both Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox browsers
  • Free Disk Space - Support FAT/FAT32/NTFS File Systems
  • Safe: securely cleans spare and hidden data areas on your drives
  • Secure Delete : Completely erase the contents of sensitive files and folders that you specify
  • Powerful Erasing: Allows you to choose between quick or secure delete.
  • Vista-Ready: We are pleased to announce that our software are compatible with Windows Vista?
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