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CBmall has been in business since 2002 and a fully accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 2005. You can be proud of this internet business. Click to verify BBB accreditation and to see a BBB report.

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Put yourself in business on the internet with a proven, reputable company and automated system where you can profit from thousands of in-demand products.

The Facts:

CBmall is an automated ClickBank affiliate storefront. It's stocked with thousands of digital download products like eBooks, video tutorials and software.

When you send someone to the CBmall and they browse around or use the search engine to make a purchase, you earn a commission averaging 50%! ClickBank sends you commission checks every two weeks.

We give you easy ways to drive traffic. If you can follow simple instructions and know how to cut and paste on your computer, you can do it.

  • No monthly fees
  • No hosting fees
  • No maintenance
  • No inventory
  • No phone calls

We do all site maintenance and answer all emails and support calls so you don't have to.

There are over 100 pages on CBmall, each filled with opportunities for you to make money. (Click here to see CBmall.) You will get your own special links that send people to CBmall. These links put your unique ClickBank ID onto every ClickBank product in the mall and the search engine.

CBmall is a great way to get started if you are a beginner because you don't need a web site or any experience. We'll show you how with your free bonus: QuickStart Guide to CBmall Profits.

For you pros out there, CBmall can create powerful automated income streams, and you earn the exact same commissions from ClickBank as if you did all the work.

Imagine earning extra money each month for doing a few simple promotions - and we show you how.

We will even drive traffic for you if you want.

Quick Background On ClickBank

(Skip This If You Are Familiar With ClickBank)

As you may know, CB in CBmall stands for ClickBank... a company that allows merchants to process credit cards and run an affiliate program in the simplest possible way.

As a result...

  • Over 10,000 products use ClickBank to accept credit card payments and pay affiliate commissions.

  • To make money with CBmall, or any product sold via ClickBank, you first need to be a ClickBank affiliate. When you sign up, you get a unique ClickBank ID. Nobody else will have the same ID.

  • It's free and easy to sign up. I give you the exact link you need above.

  • The commissions are offered by the merchants and paid through ClickBank. Rates vary, but most commissions are between 25% to 75%, with the average being 50%.

  • The commissions are paid to whoever sent the traffic to the merchant. This is tracked through that ClickBank ID I mentioned earlier. (This ID becomes part of your special CBmall cut and paste links - it's how your traffic is tracked and how your commissions are paid.)

  • The merchant handles the download and support, and ClickBank handles the payment part.

  • ClickBank sends out commission checks twice a month. (This is how you actually get paid commissions from all the sales your CBmall makes.)

So let's say you send someone to the mall and they hit a link and visit a merchant's website. And that person buys an eBook from the merchant for $47. You earn whatever commission that merchant is paying.

If it was 50%, you'd clear around $23 after processing fees are deducted. And you didn't have to do anything but refer the traffic!

End of ClickBank Background.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Web Site?

Nope. That's one of the beautiful things about CBmall. CBmall becomes your own website because every product on it earns you commissions. All you do is drive traffic there, and the website does the rest. You don't have to know html or have a merchant account.

CBmall is the ideal way to get your feet wet in the world of online business. And you will always have your CBmall store to generate cash into the future.

Plus ?you can promote your favorite website on every page of CBmall to every one of your shoppers with our Featured Site box.

What do I actually do to earn the money?

You send traffic to the mall, or any page within the mall, using any of the free or paid techniques we teach you.  When one of your visitors buys something, you get the commission.

Spend as little or as much time as you want. Invest in paid advertising, or use one of the many free techniques we explain.

With CBmall, you learn while you earn.

How much commission does CBmall take?

None. You make 100% of the commission from every ClickBank product within the mall.

How do I get paid?

ClickBank tracks all sales made by your store and will send you a check, twice a month, for the commissions you made. You just cash it!

Any extra or monthly charges?

There are no extra charges. There are no monthly or yearly charges. CBmall takes none of your commissions. There are no hidden fees. We make money on advertising and joint ventures. Any marketing money you invest is entirely your decision. Start as small or as big as you want.

Can I add my own product to the CBmall?

Yes. There is a featured link at the top of every CBmall page. You control this. Add your own description and URL for any website or affiliate program you want.

Isn't there lots of competition?

Depends on how you look at it.  Each day millions of people search the web for information.  Each day thousands of new people start looking for new ways to make money online. (Just look at the unemployment rates)  So each day adds millions of potential customers.  Fact is, you won't find anything successful on the web without competition.  It's the power of the marketing that makes a product work.  And CBmall has very powerful marketing systems to help you succeed.

Let me show you some proof of what Pro marketers AND normal folks are saying about CBmall before you decide if this automatic profit tool is for you...

"You Can't Lose... I Love It!"

Listen to super affiliate, Rosalind Gardner, with your own ears...

"What a fabulous concept! Starting an Internet business as an affiliate just doesn't get any easier than by joining CBmall.


"There's no site to build, no links to hard code. all you have to do is promote your site. And once the customer arrives, they're presented with ClickBank's VERY BEST products. You can't lose...


"I love it!"

?Rosalind Gardner,
Calgary, Alberta (Canada)

"A Brilliant Idea!"

"CBmall is an amazing concept! Now, the average person has the ability to profit from the entire ClickBank system.


"I think it's a brilliant idea and I am happy to endorse it!"

?Frank Garon,
Successful Marketer and Seminar Speaker


"Great Opportunity To Earn
Multiple Streams Of Income"

"CBmall is a great opportunity for people to earn multiple streams of income from Clickbank products."

?Terry Dean,
Internet Marketing Coach



"Since Signing Up With CBmall,
My ClickBank Commission Checks
Have Doubled!"

"As an affiliate, I really like ClickBank...the programs pay well and there are so many to choose from.


"I like consolidating my affiliate income by promoting ClickBank products. CBmall makes my job so much easier! I can send my customers there and they can find the program/s that work best for them.


"Since signing up with CBmall, my ClickBank commission checks have doubled! I think CBmall is a great idea."

?Joanne Fritz,

"I Earn A Commission On Every One!...
And Even Get Up To A 50% Discount
On My Own Purchases! Brilliant!"

"As a long-time online marketer and publisher, I see hundreds of offers per day, but when I saw CBmall I knew it was a brilliant idea. I was right!


"I've always made money as a Clickbank affiliate, but now there's no more wasting my time creating hundreds of mini-sites and affiliate link trackers.


"I can send my readers to my own CBmall where they can surf and search through the best products sold through Clickbank ... and I earn commission on every one!


"Plus ... I can earn again when they get their own CBmalls!


"It's my own favorite place to shop, and I get an up to 50% discount on my own purchases. Brilliant! Thank you Jeff!"

?Diana Ward,
Baltimore, Maryland


"My First Order Within
Days Of Signing Up!"

"CBmall gets my absolute highest recommendation. It's not often that I see a money-making system that's so powerful, so profitable, and so hands-off ?but CBmall is all of that and more!


"It's an incredibly simple, hands-free system that can generate extra income for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ?with no hassles and no headaches ?and virtually no work!


"And yes, it really does pull in cash! I got my first order within days of signing up ?and am so excited about CBmall's future profit potential, I'm recommending that all of my 10,000 customers get involved in it NOW!


"Thanks, Jeff, and keep up the awesome work."

?Jeff Gardner,
Mansfield, TX


"MANY Additional Sales!"

"Jeff, I really needed to drop you a quick note-I couldn't be more excited about your CBmall concept.


"I've been seeing MANY additional sales as a result of my efforts!


"Thanks for all the hard work ?you are going to make a lot of people a lot of money!


"Let me know each time you update it ?I want to stay informed on your progress!"

?Jim Cockrum,
Author of Clickbank #1 Seller
The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay,

"$746.40 In 29 Days For 12 Minutes
Of The Easiest Work I've Ever Done!"

"You want the TRUTH about CBmall? Honestly ... it's a perpetual money maker!


"In fact, after testing this out for the past 29 days, I've already pocketed $746.40 in additional cash-flow ... and it took me less than 12 minutes of the easiest work I've ever done! (I'm not kidding, either.)


NOTE: If you're wondering, I did this all *without* mailing to my opt-in email lists. Anyone can do it! Here's the thing ... all I did was put a "dumb little" link on my website, and a simple recommendation.


"That's it ?anyone really can do this and get the same or better results! I recommend CBmall to everyone, and for good reason ?it'll put cash in their pockets!"

?Michael S. L. Bombard,
Edmonton, Alberta


"P.S. 2-Month Update: I've been promoting CBmall for just over 2 months now (very passively), and my total take-home profit is up to $1,326.96! So basically, you've paid my rent for the past two months ?thanks!! ;-)"

(Michael's results have been exceptional. Individual results
may vary from those shown. You may not achieve the same.)

"What Do I Really
Get with my FREE CBmall?"

Quick Review of the CBmall Package


Fully Hosted, "Ready-To-Go," 127-Page CBmall Site Listing Thousands of  Top-Selling  Products

You get a highly automated virtual shopping mall directory, with thousands of hand-picked, top-selling products for your visitors to choose from.


Customizable, Cut-And-Paste, Profit-Pulling Search Engine Where You Earn Commissions On The Search Results

Each and every possible search result is automatically embedded with your affiliate link. When your visitors use the search engine to buy something, you earn the commission.

Looks like this:


Supports Multiple Affiliate Programs

Now CBmall helps you make money from several popular affiliate programs that are proven sellers.

If you're already an affiliate of the included programs, here's another way to leverage them into more income for you. And if you aren't, you'll get the links to join for free. (This is optional, there's NO extra charge.)


Customize With Your Own Featured Link

At the top of every page of your mall is a highly visible featured link. Add your own description and URL for any affiliate program or website you want.


Profit Maximizing Banner Ad Management System

Almost every banner in the CBmall will also have your link to earn you even more money.

These are tracked with a sophisticated banner yield management system that accurately reports which banners generate the most click-thrus and therefore, the most profits to you.


Massive Residual Income Opportunity

CBmall includes many products with memberships, subscriptions and recurring billing that someone can buy and you can earn on month after month. The mall makes one sale for you - and you get paid over and over.


Fully Automated, Personalized CBmall Autoresponders (Value $215)

Automatically follows up with your subscribers, sending over One Year of weekly emails with high quality, original content mixed with your links to earn you commissions!


Built-In Affiliate Program And Affiliate Resource Website Training (Value $200)

You can automatically make 50% commissions as an exclusive CBmall affiliate when you become a CBmall owner. (And it's free of charge!)

This program converts well with very powerful, ready-to-use, fine-tuned and tested selling methods.

Just this affiliate program alone can quickly pay back the cost of CBmall with only two easy sales... not to mention ongoing profits.


Please Note: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, may not apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and I cannot legally guarantee that you will earn any money.

I guarantee you complete satisfaction with your CBmall. You just need to take the next step. There's no risk, and a great opportunity to create an income stream. It's your move.

To Your Success,

Jeff Mulligan,
CEO, CBmall
617-938-3918 Ext 706 any time  


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