All About Calling Men:
The Way You Handle Calls, Emails, and Text Messages Will Seriously Affect How Much Your Man Wants You!

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By relationship author Mimi Tanner

Calling Men"Hello..."

Have you ever hesitated before you dialed his number?

Have you ever made a phone call to a man and later regretted it?

We've all been there!

I'm Mimi Tanner, the author of Secrets of Flirting with Men and Man Mistake Eraser.  I write a daily email advice column (see below) read by thousands of women all over the world. Most of the books I write are specifically written for women, because I have spent a lifetime studying and thinking about what makes a man attracted to a woman - and what makes a man stay with a woman.  

What happens when you call - or don't call - the man in your life can truly make or break your relationship.  
Mimi Tanner is simply one of the best when it comes to writing to women on the art of finding and keeping a great man. She has become well-known on a global scale in a relatively short time. Why? Because she covers highly in-demand subjects with a flair and disarming friendliness that is unequalled.

Her book "Calling Men" is truly a magnum opus when it comes to dealing with one of the most frustrating problems women face in the dating world: How to handle calling, emailing and text messaging men.

You know the feeling as I do, I'm sure. You want to give him every opportunity to call you first, but you also want 100% control over your dating life. What to do? Mimi lays it all out for you in logical steps that are a blast to read.

Take this rare opportunity to get a glimpse of Mimi's top-notch book (which is literally packed with info).

Relationship Coaches Scot and Emily McKay
Hosts of  "X and Y on the Fly" Podcasts

Calling Men is not an etiquette book or a business manual - this is a book to get to the truth of how to handle this oh-so-important part of your relationship with your man.

Fair Warning!

Should You Call Him?Some women are going to get just plain mad at me for daring to suggest that you should put some thought into how you handle phone calls with your man. They will loudly insist (and send me rude emails) that I should not have written this book because it shouldn't matter what happens on the phone. They want to be able to say and do anything that comes into their heads, and call their man ten times a day if they feel like it.

Tra-la-la, and yes, no one should ever get a flat tire, we should stay young forever, and the government should not tax us either - but that is not how life works in the real world!!

Many of these women will eventually, after a series of failed encounters and relationships with men, come unhappily to the realization that yes, it DOES matter, and these issues can make or break your relationship!

In Calling Men, I will show you the "whys" of everything I tell you to do, so you will understand why these methods and tips work. You'll understand the effect you have on a man when you don't call at the wrong time, and how your relationship is strengthened when he calls you. When you understand what happens in your man's mind, you'll instinctively pick up on these ways to act and react. These methods will become second nature to you very quickly - especially when you see how well they work!

Dear Mimi,

I've just read your new eBook, "Calling Men" straight through for the *third* time. I must say, your book is brilliant. And I'm sure you've heard this before, but I wish I had this book months (or maybe years) ago.

Recently I exchanged numbers with an attractive man, and I was a "good girl" and let him call me first. He did.... asking me out to dinner... but he ended up leaving two voicemail messages because I wasn't available when he called. Encouraged by this, I stupidly sent him a text message later that night, just to acknowledge his calls, I rationalized. (Mistake number one). He promptly ignored it, which of course bothered/puzzled me.

Then, emboldened by the fact that he'd asked me to dinner in the first place, I called him a few days later. (Mistake number two).

I happened to call him at a bad time (and the cell phone reception was bad to boot), and he politely brushed me off. And he didn't call back that night, as he said he would.

Well, needless to say, I felt terrible about calling him. What a mistake! I wish I had listened to you!

Your e-book rocks. The advice is 100% dead-on. Every mother should make this required reading for their teenage daughters.

-- R., Toronto., Canada

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How many relationships fail when the woman starts acting differently than she did in the early stages of their relationship? These tips can help women who are prone to go overboard once things get cozy - to help keep them from doing things which push men away. Many of these things include calling and emailing men - the wrong way!

Inside "Calling Men" You Will Find Out:

What a man won't tell you, but will tell others - find out how he really feels about the woman who calls him when he's not even calling her

What goes through a man's mind when you call him

How the way you handle calls and emails will make him want you more!

Why you are putting yourself in a lower power position when you initiate the calling

The negative messages your call can be sending him

When and how you benefit from NOT calling him - and how your relationship benefits

What to do about emailing  - does email count as a phone call?

What to do about text messages and instant messages

What should you do when you can plainly see that he's "online"?

By the way - what are the real reasons that men don't call??

How can you get him to ask for your number? 

But those are far from the only problems and questions women have!
How To Handle Conversations With Men

What if he calls you - but doesn't leave a message? 

What should you do when he tells you to call him? 

How letting him pursue you actually gives you more power and control

What if he hasn't been calling you for ages, then finally gets around to it? 

And still more:

What should you do if he has been ignoring you?

If you haven't heard from him, and it's his birthday, should you call him or send a card?

If you he hasn't called for a while, and you run into him later, how should you act?

When your relationship becomes solid and lasting, can you finally relax about the calling issue now?

Why he should pursue you, not the other way around

How to tell if he will call you back

What must happen for a man to fall in love with you, and how you can influence his feelings

How to make him want you in his life more, simply by the way you handle phone calls and emails - yes, it's that important! 

Thank you, Mimi,

You gave us such a great book. I feel like a new me is born. I will drop those unworthy men like a bad habit. They aren't worth my valuable time.

Thank you so much!


Dear Mimi,

I'm only on page 54 and you've made my day, brightened up my spirits, made me laugh and I've rung some friends to go out for drinks tonight!

Your new book is a real pearl. From starting off the day feeling sorry for myself, seeing everything black, depressing no future, etc - I'm feeling like Sofia Loren or Angelina Jolie now. Bring 'em on!

To be honest, I'm going to do a slow reading to REPROGRAM. While I'm not ringing men at all, and have never been a proponent of ringing a lot, now with your book and insights into HOW RINGING READS to other people a huge penny dropped in my brain.

I'm still reading!

Best, N.

You don't have to visit a bookstore or wait for this book to arrive in the mail, because this is an E-book. You will get the Calling Men book immediately. You'll be sent to the webpage that holds the book right after payment. Then you'll save this book to your computer and it's yours to keep forever. Empower Yourself With Men

My goal in writing this book is to get your life free the pain that comes with the confusion about when to call men - ane when not to. But that's not all. My goal is also for you to experience the freedom and control that will be yours as soon as you start applying the tips in this book.

With love,
Mimi Tanner

Mimi Tanner
P.S. Yes, like all my books, I guarantee that you will love Calling Men. Let me tell you about the guarantee right now. But first, know this up front:

Keep in mind that this book is going to tell you that most of the time, you will NOT be Calling Men - they will be Calling You!  If you think that won't work for you, then you should not read this book!

But... if you are willling to practice the secrets instinctively known by women who do what works... and you want to know the details on what works and why... then this book is absolutely for you.

"Once again, you've written a book which points the laser light on the one problem women want to know about!"
-- Terry Hernon MacDonald
Author of "Marry Smart"

Your Unconditional Guarantee of Satisfaction
With My "Calling Men" Ebook

As a writer of many programs on relationships, I want your experience of reading Calling Men to be wonderful in two ways.

First, I'm a writer - and so I want it to be a very enjoyable "read." I want you to read it again and again. And I want you to recognize that this book contains valuable information in a highly readable manner.

Second - I'm passionate about the subject of what it takes to make men fall in love with you. This book must actually work. Your following the tips in my book WILL work with the men in your life - and you will feel "armed and ready" to handle these sometimes sensitive situations. You'll know what to do like never before - and these principles will become second nature to you. You'll discover when and why "less is more" when it comes to Calling Men.

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 I understand that I am not going to be Calling Men as often as they Call Me, and I am open to your teachings on this! (Otherwise, you should not read this book)


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Calling Men

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