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Can I Follow Burn The Fat With Foods Available In My Country?

Q: Hi Tom. I just read your web page at www.burnthefat.com and I looked at a lot of the success stories and I'm really interested in your program, but I have a question. I live in Aberdeen, Scotland and am concerned because I worry that the foods you recommend will be very Americanized and products you may suggest will not be available to me. I am very keen to increase my physical fitness and burn some fat, but before I order I need to know if your books are suitable for us Europeans?  

A: Thank you for your email. The foods I recommend in Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle are nothing unusual or exotic. They are foods you can get almost anywhere in the world. To tell you the truth, the Burn The Fat eating plan is really just common sense - it's simply eating healthy, natural foods such as: 

Fruits, vegetables, natural whole grains and starches (100% whole wheat bread, oats, potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, beans, rye, barley, etc), and of course lean proteins (chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, eggs, lean read meat), and the good fats like olive oil, flax oil, flax seed, almonds, walnuts, avocados and fish/fish oil. 

This program is really more like an "education" than a "diet." These are the same foods that any registered dietician, clinical nutritionist, medical doctor or fitness professional would recommend, anywhere in the world. Burn The Fat is not a gimmicky program where you're told to eliminate entire food groups or eat only certain foods like grapefruit or cabbage or whatever.Don't be fooled by diet gimmicks. Diets don't work. A wide variety of healthy food choices maintained for life... that works.  

You also mentioned that you were concerned that the "products" I recommend might not be available to you. You'll be happy and refreshed to hear that no supplements are required on my program. I have absolutely no affiliation with any supplement companies and never will. I have turned down the opportunity to endorse diet pills which would have earned me tens of thousands of dollars, but I will have nothing to do with it. A pill is not the answer - EVER. Food and exercise is the answer.  

As for supplements, I only recommend a few basics for "nutritional insurance" and for your own convenience. However, none are "required." Just by following the food plan and workout program, you will get amazing results. If you've spent a lot of money on supplements in the past, you might even "kick yourself" when you see the kind of results you can get just from intelligent eating and training. So don't worry about whether certain supplements are available in your country - you won't need them anyway 

I know some of my customers in areas like the Middle East and India don't have access to all of the same foods we eat in America. However, what most of them have discovered, is that for every food I recommend as a staple, they can easily find an equivalent substitute that IS available in their country, because I don't recommend strict lists of foods that must be eaten. The Burn The Fat program has a lot of flexibility built into it. I give guidelines, not dogma. I don't "prescribe", I teach you how to intelligently make your own food choices. That's one of the reasons we now have customers in over 130 countries.  

If all these people all over the world can do it, then you will have no problem at all in your country. You'll probably be surprised how easy it is to adapt to your tastes and food availability. Not to mention, you'll get great results.  


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