Does the below situations sound familiar to you?

  • Computer becomes very slow over time.
  • It takes you a long time to open a file or launch a program
  • Program hangs frequently when running.

Go defrag and restore your computer now by using the most efficient defrag program----Advanced Defrag.

Advanced Defrag is an award-wining defrag program which is designed to cure system sluggishness and keep your computer run like new. our product targets on home-office users, it is absolute easy to use, program applies advanced defragment arithmetic which enables you to completely and fast analyze & defrag all the fragment found in your computer disk, effectively maximum the system performance and improve your working efficiency with the computer.

Why choose Advanced Defrag?

There are many defrag programs in the market, they may look the same, but many of them lack of ability to effectively defrag all the MFT (Master File Table), these defrag programs will automatically filtrate certain system files with extensions such as DLL, INI, COM etc, so they would probably left remnant fragments after each defragment action, and it also can easily get halted in the defrag process which is very user-unfriendly.

Advanced Defrag have rectified all the cons above from these defragmenters, and the efficiency is even better. Its advanced defragment arithmetic not only enables you to fast defrag, but also defrag completely and thoroughly. If you give your PC hard disks a completely care and experience the most efficient defrag technology, Advanced Defrag is the perfect choice for you.

How it works?

Whenever you download files or delete them, the hard disk drive is likely to get fragmented, which means files are not stored contiguously on the drive. As a result, each time you want to open that file, the HDD has to work much more than usual to gather all the fragments and read it. This led to system to slowdown and it can also cause problems like hanging in between programs.

Advanced Defrag puts these fragments back together sequentially so that your hard drive doesn't have to go bouncing all over the place to get your files. The results are faster file access, loading of programs etc. It does make a difference if you are used to a fast and smooth system. It also helps prevent premature drive problems and retrieval of data in the event of a drive crash.

What key features does AD has?

  • Speedy analyze and defrag any disk partition completely & thoroughly within 10 minutes.
  • Individual file analyze & defrag support, improve your working efficiency in a remarkable degreed.
  • Portable, succinct and easy to use, user-friendly interface makes everything easy and simple.
  • Two kinds of dynamic viewgraphs to display fragmenting your disk and the way it works.
  • Detailed analyze and defrag web-report clearly displays every detailed information of the analyzed or defragged target.
  • Mobile device support & multiple Windows OSs support, including the latest Vista32/64bit and XP/ 2003/ 2000.
  • Advanced multithreading, sharing technology enables you to handle other tasks freely during the defragment process without bringing you any interferences.
  • Filtration setting allows you to skip certain important or confidential file that you don’t want it to be touched during the defrag process.

What are you waiting for? Defrag and optimize your computer now with Advanced Defrag!

It is 100% risk-free for you. If you don't like Advanced Defrag, you'll get your money back.

You can return Advanced Defrag for whatever reason if you don't like what you get Guaranteed.

Advanced Defrag Awards

Customer Testimonials

I never realize how important defragment is until I stumbled upon Advanced Defrag. This little fancy tool achieved much more then those expensive PC optimize program! I'm really happy with this program.
—— Joy R Mac Victoria, Australia

Usually Windows Defragment would take me hours to clean up all the fragments while advanced defrag only take 20 min, what an incredible speed!
——Tanya Berry California, US

Advanced Defrag has done a good job on getting my computer back like the brand-new again. It definitely outranges to the packed software of Windows. Thanks for the software and keep developing - you are definitely right to target on my needs.
—— Rita Alexander Virginia, US

I feel great when using Advanced defrag, it speed up everything on my computer! . Now my computer runs like brand new!
—— Philippe Rose London, UK

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